Lea & Company provides Affordable Housing Valuation and Consulting Solutions within the Affordable Housing Industry. With two offices located in Nebraska and California, the company has performed over 2,400 market studies and appraisal assignments. Lea and Company provides the highest quality services backed by more than 52 years of experience in the industry..

We provide a wide range of specialized services designed to meet the needs of our clients. The Partners of Lea & Company are experienced in the interpretation of the myriad of rules, regulations and procedures affecting valuation issues within the dynamic affordable housing industry.

Our clients include developers, lenders, government agencies, investors, and tax-credit syndication firms. These services include tax credit application market studies and appraisals, lender appraisals, and feasibility consulting. We work extensively with proposed and existing family and senior LIHTC properties, USDA Rural Development properties, Rental Demonstration Program (RAD), and HUD properties including the Mark-To-Market program providing Rent Comparability Studies, and MAP program valuation services.

Our work specializes within several programs that have specific reporting requirements that require specialized knowledge both of the program and property type. Our geographic areas of coverage are wide, and we are knowledgeable of reporting procedures for every State Allocating Agency we work with, as each agency has specific requirements for market studies format and presentation style for inclusion with a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) application.

While we work nationally, we incorporate local and regional market expertise through consulting agreements with Appraisal Institute members within regional markets to provide the “location specific knowledge” only available from local valuation experts. This unique collaboration combines the specialized expertise and competencies necessary within the affordable housing niche achieved only from years of specialization, with the local valuation perspective that only comes from years of experience within local markets.

Lea & Company is a member of the National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA). NCHMA is a membership organization that sets industry standards for real estate market research. The Council has created and refined guidelines to ensure studies are sufficiently thorough to assure a comprehensive evaluation. Many state agencies have adopted NCHMA guidelines as part of their market study requirements to guarantee that the market studies meet the standards of the organization.

As an independent third party consultant provider, our focus is on providing unbiased, accurate, and reliable reports. We are always aware of the “11th hour modifications to projects” such as unit mix or AMI level changes that ripple throughout market studies and appraisals. Our teams of professionals are committed to being available to accommodate these last minute project revisions whenever and wherever they occur. Our ability to respond in a timely, efficient and accurate manner is one of the reasons why our clients rely upon Lea & Company.

We recognize that our clients have complex assignments that often cover large geographic areas and also are very delivery timing sensitive. In order to maintain a consistent level of high quality service, the managing Partner of Lea & Company recruits and trains multi-disciplined teams that are capable of completing their assigned tasks accurately and on time. Our service to our clients begins with the selection and training of professionals capable of working in our specialized consulting environment.